What is TCAT?

TCAT, the Technical Copyright Analysis Tool, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform developed as a means of automating the difficult and time consuming task of monitoring digital music releases, for instances of unauthorised exploitation. The bespoke TCAT software is quick and powerful, capable of scanning legitimate global digital music stores for unauthorised and duplicated releases, and chart information.


Discover unauthorised instances of music content exploitation, and resolve with TCAT's take down and revenue recovery services.

Maximise the potential exploitation of your music catalogue, by identifying the music tracks you own that are not currently available for sale online.

Discover if releases are unlawfully exploiting Public Domain music, in territories in which the content is not yet in the Public Domain.

Receive in-depth reports into the global performance of your release, from chart performances, to territorial sales and pricing fluctuations.


Who is TCAT for?

Music Labels

TCAT is the perfect tool for music labels, especially those with expansive libraries, that would be impossible to manually monitor. TCAT can ensure that your are making the most of all your assets.


For music publishers, content ownership is often unlawfully exploited, in re-recordings by other artists, or for different languages, without the correct royalties being returned. TCAT can help find these instances.


For Artists, not only can TCAT discover if your track is being unlawfully exploited, it can also produce instantaneous reports, on a global scale. This includes chart information, and global sales, for targeted marketing.

If you'd like to find out more about how TCAT works, or book in a live demo with our team, get in touch below. We'll show you just how powerful the TCAT platform is, and how you can monitor your content, protect your rights and maximise your revenue.

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